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super smart cleaning robots

how fybots smart cleaning robots

thought and made in France

very best technology, quality, performance and efficiency available on the market

autonomous - no operator required

autonomous Robots cost less than full manpower cleaning

less resources required for non value added operations, invest or lease

intelligent mapping

indoor navigation technology

self positioning in real time

augmented reality

self adaptation to environment & obstacles


8 movement modes combinable for optimized cleaning, wall, corner areas difficult areas treatment

pallet, human & obstacles bypass


unique technology, world pioneer in self discharge of garbage in its dedicated fy-dock station

4000m2 per rotation 6h/12h

autonomy 3h battery recharging time Cleaning capacity 12000m2 in 12h


core component of the machine

operating System with high integrated intelligence, full environment analysis through various captors

high calculation capacity to self-adjust to environment

preventive auto-diagnosis


easy to use Wi-Fi, GPRS, bluetooth connection to robot

programming & information management in real time and statistics

fully modular to integrate new features

additional features

further on-board options possible, security, surveillance, incident, heat control & mapping, chemical or gas leak detection, stocks inventory...

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