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super smart cleaning robots

Fybots Octopus Disinfect' S

Robotic autonomy dedicated to health security !


Robots with ADS module - Airborne Decontamination of Surfaces

‘Dry fog’ atomization

Decontamination of huge volumes compared to any other solutions

360° treatment, targeted or large spectrum Including hidden spaces

Reduction in microbe content:
Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, yeasts, Spores ...

Meets highest disinfection standard NF T 72-281

Security / Health

Fully autonomous process

Off public process

No human interaction

24/7 Remote control by Fybots

Temperature, hygrometry …

Full traceability & map reporting of the decontamination operation

Preventive and responsive health protection of employees and public

Tested products

Targeted or large spectrum Biocides

Acetic acids, Essential oils, Chlorine dioxide, bis(Acetic acid) (peroxymonosulfate),

Pentapotassium bis (sulphate), Chloramine T, Quaternary ammonium compounds

and Glutaraldehyde.

Food standard biocides

Meets highest disinfection norm NF T 72-281

UV floor disinfection module

Additional UV disinfection module option for floors (under study)