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super smart cleaning robots

fy-dock XXL

All our sweeper and scrubber robots are fully autonomous, no operator required

They are programmed to perform the highest quality of industrial or commercial floor cleaning

They automatically go back to their docking station where they will recharge the batteries and discharge the garbage

They use in-house built intelligence, navigation and self-positioning, they avoid all mobile or fixed obstacles

Battery life ranks from 6h to 12h with self-charging

Our philosophy is to sweep as much as possible and scrub only when needed

They come with our unique fy-care 5 years guarantee and after sales plan

Ideal to clean warehouse, factory, retail, administration, real estate, government, healthcare, education, school, university, airport, train station, hotel, hospitality, office, shopping mall, day & night 7/7 operation, indoor, outdoor

We are setting new and incomparable standards in cleanness

discover our scrub XXL